Architectural Services in Kochi

Architecture is a Visual Art.

Creating a commercial, residential or industrial building is not an easy task. Here in Yeskay Designs, we offers dedicated consulting service in the field of architectural and civil with a wealth of project and development experience.

Here in Yeskay Designs, we have highly professional team including architects, engineers, interior designers, landscaping professionals and more. We will help you with the modern, contemporary or traditional architectural styles.

Process Behind Our Architectural Services

  • Client Visit.
  • Site Inspection from our professionals.
  • Scheme plan.
  • Exterior 3D View.
  • Elevation drawing and section drawing.
  • Civil work estimate.
  • Time Supervision.

Contemporary Architecture

Contemporary architecture is the architecture of 21st century. There is no single prominent style; the contemporary architects works on a dozen of different styles. This type of architectural stylists uses different type of materials during constructions.

Modern Architecture

The speciality of modern architecture is the rejecting ornament and embracing minimalism. This type of architecture style come up in the 20th century. Major styles found in this architectural style includes: Rectangular or cubist shapes, minimal or nor ornamentation, steel or reinforced concrete, large windows, open plan elc.

Kerala Traditional Architecture

Considering Kerala's traditional architecture, the "Naalukettu" will be the first thing come up in our mind. The Indian architecture is rooted in its history, culture and religion. Most of the buildings in India is built based on the 'Vedic Architectural science'(Vastu Shastra).